Martin Eugene Petersen

Martin E. Petersen, 1957


Born: Grafton, Iowa, April 21, 1931. Son of Martin S. and Martha Dorothea (nee Paulsen) Petersen. Youngest of 6 children. Father a farmer; mother a homemaker.


North Iowa County Public Schools; Lincoln District
Mason City, Iowa, Public Schools
Mason City Junior College (A.A., 1951)
State University of Iowa, Iowa City (B.A., 1952; M.A., 1957)
UCLA, 1958 (summer workshops)
Rijksbureau (for Art History), Den Hague, Netherlands, 1964.


Standard Oil Office, Mason City, Iowa, summers1947 and 1948, Promotion and Public Relations department.

U.S. Army, 1952-1954, Army of Occupation, Mannheim, Germany with
A.A.A. Intelligence.

San Diego Fine Arts Gallery (Museum of Art), 1957-1996, Senior Curator and Curator of American Painting. Retired 1996.


1952-1954: Belgium, France, German, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, and Norway.
1964: Denmark, England, Netherlands, and Scotland.
1969: England, Italy, Switzerland.
1974: Spain.
1978: England, Italy.
1986: Canada, Northeast U.S.A.
1988: Spain and Portugal.
1992: Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Greece.
1993: Taos and Santa Fe.

Published articles:
Magazines, Journals and Newspapers

American Art Journal
"Letters to the Editor," VI:1 (May 1974), 84-85.

American Art Review
"In San Diego: An Important Joseph Blackburn Portrait," I: 4 (May-June 1974), 48-50, 128.

Annuals of Iowa, publication of the Historical Society of Iowa.
"Delong, Nature's Forms /Nature's Forces: the Art of Alexandre Hogue," 48: 5 (Summer-Fall 1988), 321-322, book review.

Antiques & Fine Art
"The Lure of Land and Light," VIII:4 (May-June 1991), 70-75.

Apollo magazine
"Three Centuries of European Paintings 1300-1600"

Applause Magazine
"On View," 9:7 (February 1979), 34f.
"On View/Everett Gee Jackson," 8:8 (March 1979), 14-15.
"On View," 8:9 (April 1979), 32-33.
"On View," 8: 10 (May 1979), 26-29.
"On View/Bernard Lansky," 8:11 (June 1979), 18, 26-7.
"On View," 8: 12 (July 1979), 32, 36.
"On View," 9:1 (August 1979), 40-41.
"On View/Barbara Weldon," 9:2 (September 1979), 24-25, 36-37.
"On View/ Raul Trejo," 9:3 (October 1979). 47-48.
"On View/Olaf Wieghorst," 9:4 (November 1979), 54-57.
"On View/Kay Whitcomb," 9:5 (December 1979), 25, 58-59.
"On View/Dee Menagh," 9:7 (February 1980), 12-13.
"On View/Joe Nyiri," 9:8 (March 1980), 34, 50-52.
"On View," 9:9 (April 1980), 34-35.
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"On View/Sarah Fisher," 9:11 (June 1980), 17, 25.
"On View," 9:12 (July 1980), 36-37.
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"On View/Jean Braley," 10:4 (November 1980), 16, 22-24-25.
"On View," 10:5 (December1980), 34-35.
"On View/John Rogers," 10:6 (January 1981), 40-43.

Arabian Horse World
"The Power to Inspire Great Art," 3:5 (January 1963), 78, 88.

Art of California
"Maurice Braun: Painter of the California Landscape," 2:4 (August-September 1989), 43-53.
"The Everett Collection," 3:3 (May 1990), 48-55.
"San Diego Museum of Art," 3:5 (September 1990), 41-45.
"Frank Myers," 4:2 (March 1991), 34-37.
"Charles Reiffel," 4:4 (July 1991), 34-39.

Artists of the Rockies and the Golden West (Changed name in 1986 to Western Art Digest)
"Francisco Zuniga," V (Spring 1978), 64-69.
"The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez," V (Summer 1978), 68, book review.
"Conrad Wise Chapman and the Valley of Mexico in 19th Century American Painting," VI (Spring 1979), 67-69.
"Edgar Payne," (Summer 1979), 52-57.
"Albert Beck Wenzell," (Winter 1980), 82-87.
"Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Manfa (1869-1901): His Graphics," 8:1 (Winter 1981), 50-51.
"W. Clarence Mc Grath: a Painter's Painter," 8:1 (Winter 1981), 98-103.
"American Painting: the Putnam Collection Highlights," (Winter 1982), 90-95.
"Winslow Homer 1836-1910," (Winter 1983), 110-119.
"Frank Meyers: the Survival of a Traditionalist during the 'Modern' Movement," XI: 3 (Summer 1984), 64-71.
"To My Friend, …Thomas Eakins," XIII:4 (July-August 1986), 86-87.

Artweek published in Hayward, CA.
"Morris Heads," February 6, 1971.
"Contemporary Realism," 85:5 (July 29, 1972), 38-41, 57.
"Robert Vickrey: Realism," May 19, 1975.

Arts & Activities, publication of San Diego County Educational system.
"Artists as Psychologists," June 1979, 38-41
"Puppets: A Cultural/Historical View," 86:4 (December 1979), 20-22.

California History, journal of the California Historical Society.
"Californians: Alfred R. Mitchell, 1888-1972," LXXIII:3 (Fall 1994).

Ceramics Monthly
"A Ceramic Work by Toulouse Lautrec," 27: 5 (May 1978), 89. (No credit line)

Cowboys & Indians
"Olaf Wieghorst's Legacy," 10:4 (July 2002), 36.

Craft Horizons
"San Diego Annual," XXIV (July-August 1962).
"Exhibitions: San Diego Allied Craftsman's Annual Spring Exhibition," XXIII: 3 (May-June 1963), 45-46, exhibition review.

Equine Images
"Deborah Butterfield - Heart and Soul," 8:3 (June-July 1993), 48-52.

Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego Annual Report
"Elizabeth with a Dog," 1971, 12-14.
"The Warren Portraits by Thomas Sully," 1973/1974, 8-11.
"A Simple Still Life", 1977/78, 10-15.

Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego Bulletin, II (October-December 1963), "Hidden Treasures" Robert Henri," 4-5, 8-9.

Fine Arts Source Material Newsletter
"Henri's California Visit," 1:2 (February 1971), 27-34, 41-44.

Great Plains Quarterly, a publication of the Center for Great Plains Studies, Lincoln, NE.
" On the Nature of the Horse of the American West in Nineteenth Century Art," 7:1 (Winter 1987), 34-43.

Journal of the Print World
"Grant Wood," Spring 1984, 9.

Journal of San Diego History, publication of the San Diego Historical Society.
"Contemporary Artists of San Diego," XVI:4 (Fall 1970), 3-10.
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"Independent Spirits: Women Painters of the American West," 42:3 (Summer 1996), 203-204, book review.
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"A Toulouse-Lautrec Exhibition: From the Collection of the Baldwin M. Baldwin Foundation," 51:3 (Winter 1980-1981), 173-180.

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KSDO/FM Program Guide
"At the Fine Arts Gallery…From the Desk of Martin E. Petersen," February 1968, no p. no.; January 1969, 9-10; February 1969, 7; March 1969, 7.

Mason City Globe Gazette

NRTA Journal, published by the National Retired Teachers Association.
"The Wonderful Wenzell Girl," XXIV:115 (September-October 1973), 22-23.

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"A Simple Still Life," 1977/8, 10-15.
"A Flower Still Life by Rachel Ruysch," 1978/9. 6-7.
"Conservation Report." 1980/81., no page number.

San Diego Museum of Art Calendar (No credit line is given at times.)
"Insight: Maurice Braun," October 1977, no p. no.
"Insight: Thomas Moran (1837-1926)," March 1978.
"Insight: Santa Claus: From Saint to Sinner," December 1978, no page number.
"Insight: Arthur Putnam, 1893-1930," February 1979, no p. no.
"Insight: Georgia O'Keeffe," March 1979, no p. no.
"Insight: Picasso a 20th Century Legend," July, 1980, 4.
"An Inside Look: New Acquisition, Lizzie Alone," February, 1981.
"An Inside Look: New Acquisition, Diamond Cove," March 1981, 6.
"An Inside Look: The Beginning of Western Art," June 1981, 6.
"Around the Museum: Josephine Everett: Pioneer in American Art Collecting," December 1981, 6.
"Around the Museum: Art and Flowers: An Age Old Combination," May 1982, 6.
"Excerpts from Apollo-Three Centuries of European Paintings, 1300-1600," September 1982, 6.
"Winslow Homer 1836-1910," February 1983.
"New Acquisition: Barbara Hepworth's the Grey Shell," March 1983, 6.
"New Acquisition: The Last Old Master," May 1983, 6.
"Thomas Eakins' Portrait of J. Carroll Beckwith," January 1984, 6.
"Allegory of Eternity," March 1984, 6.
"Diego Rivera in the SDMA Collection," May 1984, 6.
"Portrait of a Girl," September 1985, 2.
"Bellows Lithographs Donated," January 1987, 3.
"German Expressionists in SDMA Collections," March 1987, 4.
"Hillers donate Expressionist Watercolor by Bloch," April 1987, 4.
"New Acquisitions: American Portraits Donated," January 1988, 4.
"New Acquisitions: 19th Century Portrait Donated," February 1988.

San Diego Museum of Art program for Art Alive
"Flowers in 17th Century Dutch Art," February 1982, 7.

San Diego Signature, arts and entertainment digest.
"The American Dream," 2:4 (July-August 1976), 36-37.

San Diego Union, local newspaper
"The Madonna, Her Influence on Art Through the Ages," December 22, 1963.
"Barbara Hepworth's Sculpture Approaches 'Primeval Images'," January 28, 1968.
"Impressionism Colors Gallery's New Dufy," March 10, 1968.
"Fine Arts Gallery Acquires 3rd Thomas Moran Painting," July 6, 1968.
"Major French Work Given: Bouguereau's Young Shepherdess," December 15, 1968
"Colonial America Limited in Artists," July 12, 1970.
"Gypsy Queen Outlived the French Terror," September 27, 1970.
"Forger Shows His Skill," November 8, 1970.
"Gauguin and Friends found New Creativity at Le Pouldu," January 3, 1971.
"Artist who Painted Fanny Brush Identified," July 11, 1971.
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"O'Keeffe…She Defies Classification," November 21, 1971.
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"A Work Filled with Mystery: the Surrealistic Rivera," March 26, 1972.
"How Taos Became an Art Center," April 16, 1972.
"Has Man Become Art's Biggest Enemy?," May 28, 1972.
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"Eakins' Data Given," August 6, 1972.
"A Bronze Portrait of a Sculptor," November 12, 1972.
"Wieghorst's View of the West," December 12, 1972.
"A Bronco Buster' on View," January 7, 1973.
"Fine Arts Gallery Gets 4 New Paintings," July 23, 1973, co-author Henry G. Gardiner.
"Monet's at Fine Arts Gallery," June 9, 1974.
"Somber…Tinged with Wit: Cuevas," January 5, 1975.
"Painting Captures Christmas," December 25, 1977.
"Artist Duchamp," November 19, 1978, book review.
"A Bright Defense of a Fallen Star," December 28, 1978, book review.
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"Fascinating Facts Unearthed," January 26, 1979, book review.
"The American Art Museum is on Display," March 18, 1979, book review.
"Eilshemius Typical of Victorian Artist," March 26, 1979, book review.
"Expertise into Cash," May 6, 1979, book review.
"Art for Youth," May 20, 1979, book review.
"Poets' Era, Personality Reconstructed," July 10, 1979, book review.
"Rembrandt: the Artist's Fading, Final years," October 12, 1979, book review.
"Painter Captures Color of San Diego," December 21, 1986, book review.

Southwest Art
"Modern Art Goes to California,", 2:2 (September 1972), 45-50.
"Nativity, Baptism, Crucifixion and Resurrection," 2:2 (December 1972), 41-44.
"The Dane Who Went West," 2:7 (February 1973), 40-43.
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Times published by the San Diego Historical Society
"Olaf Wieghorst: the Danish Cowboy," XXXVIII:2 (April-June 2002), 4, 7.

"Museum Acquires American Painting," March 6, 1967, no credit line.

Writers West
"Ex Libras," 2:2 (March-April 1984), 6-7.

Zoonoz, publication on the San Diego Zoological Society.
"Animal Forms in Western Art," XXXII: 5 (May 1959), 10-15.
"Menagerie by Modern Masters," February 1969, 15, no credit line.



Masterworks from the Collection of the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, San Diego: Arts & Crafts Printers, 1969, introduction by Phillip Gildred.

Grant-Munger Collection, Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego: Arts & Crafts Press, 1970, foreward by Phillip Gildred, introduction by Warren Beach,

American Paintings in the Putnam Foundation, Timken Art Gallery, San Diego, CA, 1977, introduction and entries.

European Paintings in the Collection of the Putnam Foundation, Timken Art Gallery, San Diego, 1977, introduction by Walter Ames.

A Selection of Paintings by Early San Diego, California Artists, San Diego Museum of Art/the Gildred Foundation, 1987, forward by Lee Kinche McGrath; introduction by Steve Brezzo. For an exhibition featured at the Argentine American Embassy.

American Paintings, the American collection of the museum, San Diego Museum of Art, 1982. A bound version presented to the Queen of England during her 1983 San Diego visit.


Modern American Painting: 1915, Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, 1962-1963, forward by Warren Beach. Essay and Catalogue by M.E. Petersen.

The West of Olaf Wieghorst, Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, 1962.

Albert Beck Wenzell, Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, CA, June 5-July 26, 1964, introduction by Warren Beach, catalogue and essay "Divinely Tall, Divinely Fair," by M. E. Petersen. (Bulletin, III: 3).

The Age of Elegance, Albert Beck Wenzell, Maxwell Galleries, LTD., San Francisco, CA, February 10-27, 1967, introduction by Warren Beach, essay by M. E. Petersen.

Spectacle of Realism, Orr's Gallery, San Diego, CA, 1968, introduction essay. Also shown at the Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC, April-May1970.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: The Baldwin M. Baldwin Collection, Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, January 1972.

Olaf Wieghorst, Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, July-August 1976, introduction by Henry G. Gardiner.

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The San Diego Scene: Art of the Thirties, paintings from the collection of the San Diego City Schools, 1976.

Dorothy Stratton Retrospective Exhibition 1950-1980, Founders Gallery, University of San Diego, 1980, introduction essay by M. E. Petersen.

The Cowboy, San Diego Museum of Art, 1981. Introduction and catalogue. Preface by Louis L'amour. Essays by several specialist of the American West

French Impressionism, Bishop's Gallery, San Diego, CA, 1987, introduction.

Olaf Wieghorst: Dean of Western Painters, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, OK, 1982-1983, essay "Partner's on Life's Trail," 11-15.

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The Walbridge Legacy, San Diego Museum of Art, 1988, introduction and catalogue.

Looking at America, Charles H. MacNider Museum, Mason City, IA, 1992, essay.

75 Works/75 Years: Collecting the Art of California, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA, 1993, catalogue entry for Anna Althea Hill.


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Plein Air Painters of California: the Northland, Irvine: Westphal Publishing, 1986, essays "Colin Campbell Cooper (1856-1937)," 58-62, and "Paul Dougherty (1877-1947), 64-66.

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Second Nature: Four Early San Diego Landscape Painters, San Diego Museum of Art/Munich: Prestel-Verlag, 1991.

Miscellaneous publications:

Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, May S. Marcy Sculpture Court, 1975, information brochure for the opening of a new Gallery exhibition space.

25 Years Remembered
Privately printed in 1982. Photo montage.

Limited Edition Lithographs, publication of Hadley House (Wooden Bird), St. Bonifacius, MN. Picture notes for a number of prints by Olaf Wieghorst as they were released, 1982.
"Legacy Collection," brochure, Hadley House, Plymouth, MN, 1989.

San Diego Museum of Art, Art Alive
"Flowers in 17th Century Dutch Art," May 4-6, 1982, in-house publication with essay in program for the event.

Area jury assignments:

North Park Toyland Christmas Parade, 1958
Statewide Exhibition of High School Student Art, 1960
Southern California Exposition Exhibition, 1968
Riverside Art Association 7th Annul Exhibition, 1969
Palm Springs Festival of Music and Art Exhibition, 1971
Jewish Community Art Center for Beth Tefilah Congregation, San Diego, CA, Jewish Children's Art, 1973
11th Naval District Navy Heritage '76, 1975
USD Annual Student Art Competition. 1977
Costa Mesa Art League Open Competition, 1979
Graduate School for Urban Resources and Social Policy, Inc., 3rd Annual All Media Competition, San Diego, 1979
USD Annual Student Art Competition, 1980
San Diego State University Student Competition, 1980
St. Mark's, CA, Lenten Art Festival, 1981
Borrego Springs Art Guild Annual, 1982
San Diego Art Institute's Monthly Membership Exhibition, 1982
La Jolla Art Association Annual, 1984
Coronado Art Association Annual, 1986
California Federation of Women's Clubs Spring Art Festival, 1987

Lectures: Diversified and many given to School, Church, Naval, Civic and Social organizations. Only a few titles are listed below.
American Art
Animals in Art
The Arabian Horse on the American Frontier
Architectural Subjects in Baroque Art
Art as Investment
Art as Visual Experience
Art History as Concept in Renaissance Italy
Art in the Context of English Literature and History
Art in the Home
Backyard Treasures
A Bow to Dr. Freud - Surrealism
Collectors and Their Effect on the Art Market
Colonial Bread and Butter Portraits: Early American Portraiture
The Cross in Christian Art
Curating Art for Museums
Dutch 17th Century Art
Dutch and English Art
Early America as Seen by its Artists
Early San Diego Artists
Eastman Johnson: An Artist in Mid-19th Century America
Flowers in Art: Manuscript Gardens and Symbolic Bouquets
French Painting from French Museums
Generation of Contrasts: Rubens and Rembrandt. Chardin and Boucher. Hopper and Pollock
George Caleb Bingham: Frontier Sophisticate
The Golden Land
Grant Wood: Midwest Michelangelo
Grant-Munger Collection
The High Cost of Collecting
Historical Development of Print Making
Impressionism to Op
Jean Charlot: Joseph's Workshop
The Last Supper: Da Vinci and Dali
Latin American Art
A Lotus Life in a Lotus Land
Major Artists as Tapestry Designer
Mexican Art
Moctozuma (Or Montezuma)
The Madonna in Art
Mother and Child in Art
The Mysterious Visitors from the East: the Magi
The Nature of Expressionism
100 Years of Art In San Diego
Painted Ladies: Artists' Models
Quince, Cabbage, Melon and Cucumber: A Study in Mannerism
Rawhide to Rhinestone: The Cowboy in American Art and Culture
Santa Claus: From St. to Sinner or The Man in the Long Red Johns
Some Approaches to Modern Art
Spiritualism in Contemporary Art
Sympathetic Feelings or Logical Analysis
Taste of the Times
The 20th Century: A Break with Tradition
What is Museum Quality?
What is Religious Art?
The Role of the College Art Gallery in the Community
Problems of the Museum Curator
Ad Infinitum


Study voice with Charlotte Bond Aldrich, 1960s and 1970s. Sang solos and in many choruses during a lifetime: Public School Choruses; Trinity Lutheran Church Choir, Mason City, Iowa; Mason City Chamber of Commerce Men's Chorus; State University of Iowa Concert Chorus; Bach Chorale, Iowa City, Iowa; First English Lutheran Church, Iowa City, IA; Ft. Bliss, Texas, Military Chorus; First Lutheran Church Choir, San Diego, CA; San Diego Master Chorale; San Diego Opera Chorus.

Painted since childhood. Works owned by family and friends in New York, Iowa, Montana, California, Nebraska.


Honorary Society for High School Journalists, Quill and Scroll
Art Historians of Southern California
Advisory Board of Printmakers of Southern California (Former)
Credentials Committee, Jewish Community Center, Art Gallery (Former)
Jury of Selections, Spanish Village Art Center, San Diego (Former)

Listed in:

Who's Who
Who's Who in the West

Miscellaneous achievements:

Awarded National Scholastic Award for Watercolor in Art, 7th grade

Sunday School teacher for from 11 to 18

Art Editor of the High School Annual, 1947-1949

Editor-in-Chief of the Mason City Junior College (now North Iowa Community College) Annual, 1950-1951

Designed seal for the Mason City Junior College, now the North Iowa Community College. Still in use.

Student Rotarian while a Junior College Student

Member of the National Quill and Scroll Society, 1949

Member of the National Honor Society of Junior College Students, 1950

Reader for Junior College Communication Skills courses when still in High School. Read for mechanics.

Organized vertical files for art section of the Mason City Public Library as a volunteer

Designed Christmas Float for Parade in Mason City, Iowa

Recently a consultant for the Olaf Wieghorst Museum, El Cajon, California


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