Reference Material

CARD: Burlin to Miss Klauber

Dated 1917
From: New Mexico
Subject: Greetings.

LETTER; Farnham, A. M. to William Merritt Chase

Dated May 16, 1907
From: San Diego, California
Subject: Letter of introduction for Miss Klauber.

LETTERS: Putnam, Arthur to Miss Klauber

Dated July 29, 1905
Source unknown
Subject: Thanks for suggestion about a proposed monument,

No description.

From: 7209 Euclid Avenue, Bryn Mawr, Chicago.
Subject: In Kemey’s “big studio listening to the wind blow and hearing the cold studio crack and groan.”; Lengthy poem of longing; Thoughts of her; Has her “dear little heelless rubbers in my own coat jacket”; awaiting another visit; Modeled a 9 foot Indian, a life sized deer, and an oversized mountain lion since he was in Chicago…besides casting.

LETTERS: Putnam, Grace Storey to Miss Klauber

Dated October 24, 1909
From: 45th Avenue 6, Fulton, CA
Subject: Apologetic for paucity of written letters; Finishing stitching aprons for Christmas gifts; A call by a sister of Miss Klauber; Anticipating a visit in the future; Grace’s brother Fred living with them, he is to be the future foundry manager; Arthur’s production including a mermaid; Festival week; Conveys greetings to Miss Klauber’s parents, Stella and Leda; Bruce.

LETTERS: Chase to Miss Klauber

Dated November 29, 1907
From: 323 Fifth, New York City.
Subject: An invitation to visit Chase at his studio upon her return.
Private collection.

LETTERS: Pach to Miss Klauber

Dated March 4, 1907
From: 935 Broadway, New York City
Subject: Chase’s summer class; Introduction to Louis G. Monte, teacher of art theory and pedagogics, Teacher’s College, Columbia University, lecturer; Walter Pach, art-knowledge, languages, and European manager.

Dated April 22, 1907
From: 935 Broadway, New York City
Subject: Chase class; Acknowledgment of her letters and telegrams of the 7th, 12th, 16th, 18th and 20th; Reservations on the Romanic; Mr. Klauber; Pach to leave for destination earlier to confirm Italian arrangements; Suggesting to take palette and box; Miscellaneous details.

Dated April 30, 1907
From: 935 Broadway, New York City
Subject: “Yours of April 21”; Mr. Klauber leaving group in Florence; Cost of trunk, etc.; The ship and other travelers abroad.

Dated May 11, 1907
From: 935 Broadway, New York City
Subject: Re hers of May 3rd; Change of departure date from June 3rd to the 8th.

Dated September 1, 1907
From: Florence
To: “Fair and Gentle Cousins.”
Subject: Visit to Ferrara; “Great Giotto’s”; Padua; “Venice was just a little vacation.”; Requests photos of work in the museum in Amsterdam.

Dated November 2, 1907
From: Paris
Subject: Amiens; Missed meeting her; Reading and loaning to her The Fool and Death.

Dated November 16, 1907
From: Paris
Subject: His portrait of Chase and Henri’s comment when he saw it; Henri visit; Anticipates trip to Brussels, Tournai, Amiens; Japanese acquaintance; Re Rubens an “one of the absolute creator”; Writes extensively about his two hour visit with Claude Monet; Pach’s studio; Wrote to Chase about Cezanne; Tintoretto copy; Offer in “my old college if interested; Visit to Leo Stein; Reminisces about summer.

Dated February 8, 1908
From: Cooke & Son, Brussels
Subject: Apologies for not answering ‘lots’ of correspondence; Mr. Chase too busy to take a class; Miss Klauber suggested he do a book on Vermeer; Contacted Roger Marx about it; Looking for something new on Vermeer; Sent story on Monet to Scribner’s and asked for a commission to write on Cezanne; Hopes for a series on American painters in Gazette; Had yet to see one on Matisse; A photo of Miss Klauber received; Missed a visit with his mother; Miss Klauber’s visit with Chase; Eye trouble; Copying Old Masters; Several Oriental acquaintances; Hope of finding a job as portrait painter in Holland; Settling down someday; Pater’s Marius the Epicurean and other readings; Independents; “A reunion my good friend.”

Dated March 9, 1908
From: 9 Rue Campagne Premiere
Subject: Letter from Miss Klauber reached him in Brussels; His article on American painters in Gazette des Beaux-Arts; Matisse article not used; Monet article; Portrait of a Miss Still “scared of being painter”; Time in Holland, stayed at Miss Leder’s; Adulation for Hals expressed; Painted two portraits of friends; Arthur Frost disliked one of his works; Vermeer research; Description of San Diego “enticing.”

Dated April 22, 1908
From: 9 rue Campagne Premiere
Subject: Grateful for her assistance; Plans for summer in Italy prior to a return to the United States; His painting activities; In Italy his plans to see Perugia and Assisi, on her recommendation; A note from his parents; Plans to leave, June 1; Articles on Monet and Matisse to be published; Article on Vermeer on hold; Compliment on her letters; Coping Hals; With Michael Stein’s met Arnsteins; A Matisse summer class; Final appreciation to her; Small sketch of Pach, the violinist, Florence 1907.
Collection: Derek Cartwright, San Diego, CA.

Dated August 19, 1908
From: Pension Innocenti
Subject: Burden of news, “I m going home…father offered to take me into his business”; Struggling with his self-confidence; Chase offered encouragement; Winter; Finances short; A little more comfortable with Matisse; Stein’s sent their love; They have the Bardi Villa; Likes Florence; Padua great; Venice “gleamed.”

Dated November 2, 1908
From: 1135 Park Avenue, New York City
Subject: Meeting Arnstein ladies; Receipt of hers of September 25 and a Japanese postcard and the Chap Book; A Vermeeresque drawing at Den Hague at Havemeyer’s house; Chase and Mr. Potter, curator of the Boston Museum had spoken about it; Her portrait in sculpture “the is not as altogether like you as I should have wished”; Difficulty with Chase in getting reproductions for his Gazette article; Monte wants him to speak at his school in Massachusetts; A small article on Cezanne to appear in article for Scribner’s in December; Letter from Leo Stein about Matisse’s salon exhibition; A return to New York; Translating scientific German essay on deep sea creatures.

Dated March 2, 1909
From: 1135 Park Avenue, New York City; envelope return address Pach Photographer, 935 Broadway, New York City
Subject: Re Carl Hauser, “my fine old violin teacher”; Re hers of February 9, 1909; Enjoyed exhibition with her cousin.

Dated March 21, 1909
From: Apologetic note for not replying to her letter of the 27th of January; Sloan’s etching to Gazette des Beaux-Arts for publication; Prof. Churchill of Smith College invited him to send all his copies that he would try to have bought for the Museum; Japanese portrait he did; Began drawing at night again; Miss Klauber’s cousin.

Dated June 9, 1909
From: 1135 Park Avenue, New York City
Subject: Received hers of the 27th and a card from”Tia Juana”; Thanks for her interest in his Nakahachi; His painting of a cousin; Laments need for a booster for painting; “I left the business.”; Sold his copy of Hal’s Jester to Smith College Museum.

Dated June 29, 1909
From: 1135 Park Avenue, New York City (postcard)
Subject: Request her to send him the Gazette article on American painting since publishers want to see it.

Dated August 31, 1909
Subject: Usual apology for late response; Comments on retrieving his’fiddle’ and reading Turgener’s Fathers and Children, George Moore’s Evelyn Inness, de Wyzewa’s Les Maitres Italians d’ Autrefois, two of Berenson’s, Henry James’ the Ambassadors, Lord Redesdale’s Tales of Old Japan, Okakura’s Ideals of the East, Some Ibsen dramas and a new Marius the Epicurean, Rood’s Modern Chromatics; Mentions Davies recommendation of A Lute of Jade; Thanks for her comments on his “American Painter” essay for the Gazette profile; His paper on Davies, yet to be published; Indecisive about invitation to Indiana; Dissatisfaction of his portrait of a little cousin.

Dated November 13, 1909
Subject: Sketches, Goya etchings and some photographs; “Mr. Davies was telling me they wanted a Prendergast show in Frisco - a swell thing”; Suggests the “West as a cultural wasteland and that any venture in improving the condition is worthwhile.”

Dated December 24, 1924
Subject: A reply to her’s of December 1 complimenting him on a recently released book; Recalling their ‘trip to Rome’ of ‘seventeen and a half years’ ago; Reiterating that he regarded painting as his real work and is currently into graphic work and more painting; Admits being quite susceptible to expressions of approval of his writings; A trip possible trip West; Visited the Steins on summer trip to France; Wrote Chase about Cezanne, Bernard, and Monet; The vexing state of German critics.

Dated April 4, 1916
From: 33 Beekman Place, New York City
Subject: Mentions receiving a package of etchings shown in Los Angeles he received from her; Encourages Alice to write a complmentary letter to Matisse at 19 Quai St. Michel, Paris.
Private collection

Dated May 15, 1916
From: 33 Beekman Place, New York City
Subject: Pach received a letter from Matisse acknowleging one from Miss Klauber; Matisse remembered meeting at Fiesole; Met her sister at the Bourgeois Gallery; Acceptance by more of the public by modern artists and prices are still low with the exception of Matisse’s and Redons.
Private collection


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