1871: Born, May 19, 1871, in San Diego, California, to Abraham and Theresa (nee Epstein) Klauber, one of nine siblings.

1884: Attended the Art Students’ League, San Francisco. Theodore Wores was her first instructor. Others included Emil Carlsen, Arthur Mathews and Frederick Yates.

1885: Family moved to San Francisco, California but by 1892 they returned to San Diego.

1889: Named the 994 acres of natural canyons and rolling hills, Encanto. From a Spanish word meaning "enchantment."

1894: Met California sculptor, Arthur Putnam, and encouraged him throughout his brief life.

1905: Advanced the idea of a new public gallery to members of the Wednesday Women’s Club.

1906-1907: First serious study trip to Europe” when an inch on the map was four days on the boat.” Class conducted by William Merritt Chase, on his first trip to Florence, Italy. Life long friendship formed with Walter Pach, lecturer and co-manager of the class. Visited the home of Bernard Berenson at Setignano and enjoying most his library…”in three rooms and halls.” Visited the home of American artist Jules Rolshoven and the Henri Matisses’s and dined frequently with the Steins. After classes ended, visited northern European cultural centers independently.

1912: In May in Spain with class conducted by artist Robert Henri and for independent travel. Departed on the famous ship, Carpathia. The friendship with Henri was life long.

1913: Roughs it in the America Southwest with friend Natalie Curtis, musicologist of Native American music and author of The Indians Book in 1909. Met President Theodore Roosevelt and witnessed sacred Indian rituals.

1914: Hosts Robert Henri’s first visit to San Diego finding models and a residence for the artist, his wife Marjorie ‘O’, and her sister Violet, plus their dog. Presented her with a painting of Marjorie ‘O.’, when he left, in gratitude.

1915: Appointed Chairman of the Fine Arts Department of the Panama-California International Exposition, San Diego, California. Co-edited the catalogue of the official art exhibition with Mrs. I. Norman Lawson. Klauber was a member of the Archaeological Society that spearheaded the Exposition commemorating the opening of the Panama Canal. Became acquainted with famed black potter Maria, and other members of southern southwest native cultures.

1915-1916: Maintained a studio in a complex on the Exposition grounds with Alice Mary Clark and Ruth Townsend Whitaker. In conversation, November 11. 1971, with them, they did not know Henri when he visited San Diego. Miss Townsend was out of town at the time.

1916: Joined Henri, Hewett, and others in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the opening of a new museum for the Archaeological Society of America.

1920: A founding-charter member of the La Jolla Art Association with Mrs. Eleanor B. Parke and Charles A. Fries. At their second meeting when the organization was officially named, Miss Klauber was elected to the By-Law Committee with Mrs. Bell, Maurice Braun and Charles Fries. One-man exhibition of nearly fifty canvases at Orr’s Gallery, San Diego, California, during October, and represented by an oil painting in the San Diego Art Guild exhibition at the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, October through November.

1921-1924: In Europe with Natalie Curtis participating in an international congress of Art History, Sorbonne, Paris, as secretary for the American delegation. When Natalie succumbed to an auto accident in Paris, she assisted French authorities with final arrangements. Arranged with Albert Gleizes and his wife to schedule final rites, and notified Natalie’s husband, American painter, Paul Burlin. She visited Italy and northern Europe prior to her return to the United States.

1922: Purchased a number of Japanese graphics augmenting a life long passion for collecting the medium begun in late nineteenth century. Settled in Munich and began working in etching. Visited Buda-Pesth (Budapest), her father’s native homeland, and Prague.

1925: A principal in the organization and realization of a Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego. Appointed to locate a site as early as 1905. Elected a Board of Trustee member. Served as a member of the Executive Committee and chair of the Educational Committee and the San Diego Art Guild.

1926: Organized the Oriental art department of the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego and became its first Curator (honorary) of Asian Art.

1927: Elected to the Acquisition Committee of the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, a position she held for many years. Donated Japanese woodblock prints and a drawing by Burne-Jones to the permanent collection of the Museum. Prizewinner, Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego exhibition.

1928: Privately published a small volume of poetry simply entitled “Poems.”

1929: First visit to the Orient visiting China, Japan, Java and other exotic places.

1930: With William Templeton Johnson, designer of the base for El Cid, San Diego’s first public monumental sculpture, appointed to place it in Balboa Park. Originally intended for the eastern end of Laurel Street,where it was to be viewed in profile, its most ts more interesting profile. Made a summer visit to New Mexico.

1931-1932: Joined the class of self- exiled German Expressionist, Hans Hofmann, at Chouinard School of Art during summers.

1934: Return visit to Nara, Japan, to study seventh and eighth century wood sculpture. Her painting, ‘Artichokes,’ enters the permanent collection of the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego.

1935: Appointed member of the general art committee for the California-Pacific International Exposition with Julius Wangenheim, Chairman, and members Louise Darby, William Templeton Johnson, Reginald H. Poland, Elizabeth Sherman, A. B. Titus, a committee responsible for the selection, installation and cataloguing of the ‘Official Art Exhibition.’ Lent Oriental porcelains for exhibit. Designed the Men’s Lounge in the House of Hospitality. Caribbean trip to Jamaica. Visited Saint Thomas.

1938: In the Caribbean visiting Kingston and St. Thomas, sketching aboard ship, natives, and landscapes.

1944: Studies fresco painting several summers with Mexican muralist, Alfredo Ramos Martinez, in classes sponsored by the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego.

1951: Died, San Diego, CA.

1952: A large memorial exhibition of her work at the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego.


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