Edouard Manet

Hardesty Gilmore Maratta

William Lewis Marple

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Julian Martinez

Maria Martinez
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Arthur Mathews

Henri Matisse


Pietro Mezzara

Claude Monet

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Ernesta Narjot

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Seldon Parsons

Clara Perry

Gottardo Piazzonni

Pablo Picasso

Bruce Porter

Maurice Prendergast

Arthur Putnam
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Margaret Robbins

Auguste Rodin

Julius Rolshoven
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See under Santa Fe and Taos Painters for other references.

Doris Rosenthal

Morgan Russell

Margery Ryerson

John Singer Sargent

Edna Mae Schofield


Joseph Henry Sharp

Millard Sheets

Elizabeth Sherman

John Sloan


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Frederic S. Remington


Aime B. Titus

Ruth Townsend

Walter Ufer


Vincent Van Gogh

Carlos Vierra

Hazel Waldo Waterman

Clarence White

Virgil Williams

Amy Jo Wormser

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frederick Yates




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