. . . In writing this book the author has recreated a world few of us remember. It was an age of exploration, innovation, and the beginnings of a modern society in what was a small border town. Alice Klauber’s life was a personification of these events during the first half of the 20th century. She was instrumental in bringing culture and elegance into San Diego society and was one of the very few women adventurers of her era.

. . . Describing in detail not only the work and exploits of Alice Klauber, but also those of her contemporaries the author has captured a slice of history complete with the multitude of personalities and mannerisms of the time. Alice adventured into the Southwestern states of Arizona and New Mexico shortly after they became states and she supported the native populations and their culture. She traveled throughout Europe and studied and networked with many of the great talents of her time. The author shows how a cosmopolitan Alice brought to San Diego not only the culture from San Francisco but she also brought the latest in European culture, greatly expanding the horizons of her community.

. . . As one ventures into this book one is transported back in time to an era of discovery and exploration. The author clearly brings you into each and every home and studio and lets you sit besides Alice as she travels, so that you feel as though you knew the artists and Alice personally. The beginning of San Diego as a cosmopolitan city is witnessed and it becomes evident that it was Alice Klauber whose gifts to her community helped make it all come to pass. From the Panama Pacific Exposition to the creation and growth of the San Diego Museum of Art, Alice was the principle driving force and with support from many friends and the local artist community San Diego developed into having a vibrant and energetic culture.

. . . Enter into one of the finest chapters in the history of San Diego. This delightful book will help reinforce our need for community involvement and restore civic pride. Those days at the turn of the last century differ little from our days at the turn of this century. We all have gifts to bestow and like Alice, by supporting our many and varied cultures, can improve our overall quality of life as she did.

Dennis Paul Batt


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